I Love Charles

Apparently this guy's name is not Dan...
I got Jimmy Steely Dan tickets for his anniversary gift. It's always been one of his favorite bands.

Jimmy said I would probably be the youngest person there. I think he was right. Sike, I think I saw a girl who was younger than me who came with her sugar daddy. Or her it was just her plain ol' dad. I couldn't tell.
This was a real chill crowd. Most people sat down -- the entire time. I didn't know people sat down at concerts. 

Aren't you there cause you know all the songs and are really excited about life and want to stand and sing along? Real chill crowd. 

I mean, at one point I looked around towards the end of the night and I actually saw several people dozing off. They were sleeping! Real chill crowd.
The weather was amazing. A nice cool breeze and the venue was super nice. 

But here's what really made our visit just so.... easy: 

In the two years since Jimmy's injury this is the most accommodating workers in a public place have been. Truly. 

There was an older gentleman named Charles. 

My nurse spotted Charles to ask where a power outlet was. This is pretty routine for us. We get there. We scope out power for suctioning purposes. I looks for potties. Then check out the snack situation. In that order.

Charles went to look around while we got food. We were eating when Charles came back. He said he was still working things out.  That was nice.

Charles leaves again. 

In the meantime, we find a power outlet near an ice machine out by concessions. Jimmy and the nurse would have to come back and forth but it's nothing we haven't done before. 

Charles comes back. He asks us where our seats our. We tell him. 

Charles leaves again.  Maybe he'll find us another outlet near our seats?

We start to find our seats and ask a staffer who starts to send us to the (wrong) area. 

Here comes Charles. He's almost offended that we talk to another worker. He told us he had us set-up and motions to our seats. Charles has arranged for a extension cord to be run to our seats so we don't have to get up.

Uhm, !!!

Next thing I know we see three crew members taping this cord down to the cement and laying a mat over it so no one will trip.  

They brought power to US. 


I wanted to hug Charles but I just shook his hand. He came back several times throughout the show to check on us. 

Have you ever? I haven't. 

We're so very grateful for people like this in our lives. It's a given that our family and friends will always go above and beyond for Jimmy and our needs. But Charles and the posse the Verizon Amphitheater at Encore Park? You guys are on it. 

From the parking attendant out front, to the folks at the gate, to my main man Charles, to the super-friendly guy who sold us Jimmy's cocktail to the women sweeping in the bathroom before anyone had even gone in there... it was very easy to be there.

I like easy these days.  Easy makes us happy.


  1. Looks like there still are compassionate people in the world . Nice read :)



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