Booty Circle Prep

It's been a hell of a couple weeks in IVF world over here. What an emotional roller coaster. Things change constantly. We hit a speed bump recently and felt like we were no longer candidates. Then we met with our wonderful doctor who reignited hope and continued us on our track.   

There's a lot of paper work and fees. A lot of tests and procedures. A lot of patience.

It was earlier this year when we decided to start this journey, and now, things are about to really start happening. I think. I'm pretty sure. Most likely.

This past week, among other things, Jimmy and I attended an injection training session. Anything could happen to delay us, you never know. With that being said, I'm scheduled to start my IVF injections Saturday.

Even though Jimmy can't physically give me shots, they suggested he attend the class even still. I thought that was a great idea! That way he can learn with me and help me though it verbally.  

I think this aspect is less scary because I'm now around medical stuff all the time. Everything doesn't look so foreign. No, I'm a liar. Those needles looked like no candle apple at the fair. 

First, I have to give myself shots in the stomach with a rather small needle. Then there's a big honker that has to go either in the hiney or the leg. They tell me they prefer the hiney. Yipee skippy. Apparently they'll draw circles on my booty to plot the possible injection sites. Booty Circles.

I can do it. I'll be okay. We're lucky to have even gotten this far in this whole thing. So, we hold our breath and leap into another week. More forms, appointments, injections and other preparations.

As I type this, Jimmy is starting his vent-free nights tonight. He's nervous, worried about sleep and probably other stuff. He's taking a big ole brave leap tonight. 

And here I am worried about a shot in my butt.


  1. Wow! Well all the best to you with the shots, Jaim. I'm sure it doesn't sound like fun to get them but the end result will be worth it! Thinking about you guys!

  2. Praying for sleep for Jimmy and for you that you hit the target! Exciting times for you, my friend.


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