Domestic in Decatur: Honey Crisp Apple Crisp

I bought a bag of honey crisp apples recently. 

Have you had a honey crisp? It was hard for me to eat any other apple after I had one. An apple-picker friend got me addicted. 

I texted her: why are these types of apples so expensive? 
Her response: because they are so good.

I got slightly overwhelmed with the bag of apples. I am one person. Jimmy doesn't eat raw apples. It's fall. I just picked up some organic rolled oats from the farmer's market. Bag of apples. Oats. Let's do this. 

I feel like any apple could do for apple crisp, no? I actually had a few a la carts: one red delicious, one granny smith and the bag of honey crisps. 

I found this recipe for a "healthier" apple crisp. I tweaked it and used pure maple syrup instead of white sugar and sadly, didn't have whole wheat flour so I had to use white.  I also didn't have any pecans. 

Came out so so good. Delightfully edible and served as a proper fall air-freshener. Win win. 

Team Autumn! 


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