Sans Nurse

Can I tell you about a small piece of joy I experienced today? Here it is.
Today, Jimmy and I needed to go to the bank to get a document notarized. There are several Wells Fargo branches around where we live. I wanted to go. With just my husband. You know, like we used to.
I told the nurse Jimmy and I were going -- without her. I told her she could stay nearby with her cellphone on and we'd text when we were coming back.
After the visit to the bank, Jimmy and I were hungry. It was that weird time in between lunch and dinner and we only had breakfast.
We dined at a little Mexican cantina in our downtown that has some patio seating. My food was not good, so I'm glad the salsa, guacamole and queso were delicioso. 
We were rolling back to the car to go home when Jimmy saw a spa. He seemed interested. He had been complaining of his face itching all day. When the air goes cool, then warm, then cool again his skin gets all wacky. I urged him to get a facial.  Lord knows someone not being able to scratch their own incessant itchiness warrants this. And, Jimmy is not too proud to get himself some TLC, which I love.
The gals at this spa were so accommodating and friendly.  
He started to make fun of the hokey relaxation music and the dim lights but was soon more relaxed than I had seen him in a long time. He knew he couldn't fight the Zen. He also couldn't fight the hot towel treatment. That kid was in heaven.   
So, 1) bank 2) mexican linner 3) man pampering... and, NO NURSE. Just husband and wife. It felt so... normal. 
We get so used to having nurses around sometimes I forget that they will be there -- until we ask them not to be. The key is remembering to do that.
This was my small piece of joy for the day. I hope you experienced some as well. xo.
No conversation filter in car.
And, I could resume really bad singing safely with no third-party present.

See that? There's no nurse behind him!  


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