Domestic in Decatur: Whole Wheat Pancakes

Holy crap these were so good.
I'm on a quest to make things not taste weird when using whole wheat flour. This recipe from Fifteen Spatulas actually says it in the title: Whole Wheat Pancakes (that actually taste good).
I recently made these Carmelitas and used whole wheat flour instead of regular.
Uhm, eh. I took a batch to a recent girl's weekend and watched as a friend ate a piece.
Her face was funny.
She was inspecting it as she ate it. Something was off. She knew it. And at that moment, so did I.  They probably tasted way different from when she made them with the original, normal, better-tasting ingredients.
The whole wheat flour worked very well with these pancakes.
I was, however, extremely skeptical when one of the steps said: Combine the milk and vinegar and let the mixture curdle while you mix together the other ingredients. 
Vinegar? CURDLE?! I didn't understand. I still don't but try not to question the experts. 
I pushed through and let the milk... (gulp) curdle.
These came out tasting not like vinegar at all! Rejoice. 
Only things I did different were added a little vanilla to the batter, and did part half & half and part skim milk to equal my one cup of milk for a creamier texture. 
Jimmy liked these as well. We're always looking for new versions of everyday foods that won't spike his blood sugar. Fatigue is an on-going issue. I don't know if these did that, but it was worth a shot.  
They were so good they didn't even need maple syrup.
Pssssh. Yeah right.


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