Jimmy Vs. The Biopsy Gun


I'm actually very excited about this development because I don't have to sit around all day tomorrow looking at the clock and thinking of things to do to take my mind off it. Holy anticipation!

Today was a big day as well. Jimmy had what's called a sperm biopsy done at his doctor's office. We had this strategically done 1-2 days before my egg retrieval because we came to learn that our fresh sperm was going to do better for us than the frozen.

We're still going to see what we get from the frozen from his surgery last month, and add it with what we got today.

The embryologist, after looking at today's sample, tells us, "we should be fine."

Okay. We'll take that.

Jimmy did really well with today's procedure. The doc first numbed the area with a couple of needles. Jimmy was looking at the ceiling, trying not to see any of it.

He was making random small talk to take his mind off it. I'd randomly hear, "I'm hungry." Or I'd ask him how was he was doing. He'd say, "Fine. Just thinking about the 200 other places I'd rather be than here right now."

Then. The doctor came back with this thing.

A biopsy gun.

Yeah. I mean, if there's ever an upside to Jimmy not being able to feel..

Doc went in twice with this and it clicked really loud twice, sounding like a staple gun. Should I not say STAPLE GUN when talking about this delicate region?

He didn't have any reactions or anything. It was fairly uneventful in terms of him handling this without anesthesia which was a concern.

We then dropped off The Goods at our clinic and I may or may not have kissed the (clean) outside of the sample cup for good luck before I let them take it away.

Okay. So, I will be giving up my goods tomorrow morning at 8am. No eating/drinking after midnight for me. I was told to eat a high-protein diet today, so Welcome To Moe's it was. Lots of fluids, no alcohol. 

Monitored anesthesia with sedation. My poor friend driving me home. Hope I'm not loony tunes.

I will try and lay down here shortly to get some rest. 6am will come soon. And with no coffee?!

This whole thing is so surreal. Going through this and seeing this whole operation. Technology is truly something.

Meanwhile, I watched this again today (and cried.) It's the IVF couple who went on The Today Show and went live with their egg retrieval, etc. (Why didn't we do this, Jaye? :)

They also shared their news right away on the show. Gutsy. Risky. Brave. I love it.


  1. Good Luck Jaimie!!! all my live and best wishes for.you guys!!

  2. Wow Wow Wow...Love you both..so excited...thanks for keeping us all posted..Will be right there with you tomorrow in spirit...xox <3


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