Moving Right Along...

The meds are working... they say I'M READY.
My egg retrieval will be first thing Thursday morning. 
Tonight, I take my hCG, or "trigger shot." It's a single shot and the timing is critical. They tell me to stop all my other meds (except one pill I take) and then right at 9pm tonight inject this particular shot into my tummy.  
It's timed to coincide with the final maturation of the ovarian follicles. When the trigger shot is released, the follicles release their eggs and then we further proceed with trying to... knock me up.
Tomorrow morning I go back for more blood work to see how the trigger has worked, pre-op and any ER (egg retrieval) Q&A.
Thanks to a dear friend for volunteering to get up at the ass crack of dawn to drive me as I will be put under for the procedure. It's tough not having family here for this stuff but when our friends step in it truly means the world.
So grateful.  
Okay. So, big things happening this week!


  1. So happy for you sweetie...Praying for success, good health, and God's overwhelming blessing upon you and Jimmy...Love you honey..xox <3

  2. Good lucky lady! You are a superstar. xoxo

  3. I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear how everything goes! Thank you for including all of us in your journey. I know there's a chance this is the way I'll have to go about it, as well, so it's nice to hear it from your perspective. It doesn't seem so scary. Love you XOXO


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