Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Egg Retrieval

I am resuming my morning coffee today after yesterday's procedure.

The egg retrieval went well. It was super quick and painless for the most part.

My friends picked me up at home and drove me and waited for me to be done, which was amazing. I didn't have to be alone at all during this.

It was super early and so we decided Jimmy would stay home. We're both working hard on our own things right now. It's still super important that he get his rest as he continues to remain off the vent and work towards weaning of his diaphragm pacer.

Meanwhile, at the clinic...

I got suited up and ready to go, got my IV and did my final paperwork and answering of questions. Met the doctor and she told me she'd be using a little needle to extract the eggs. She said it was a pretty straightforward process.

I finally was walked back to the OR and it was a pretty fun atmosphere... for an OR. 
The staff was super likeable and comforting and there was fun music playing as I was slowly drifting off into happy sleepy land.
The next thing I know, I woke up in recovery just a short time later feeling like I had just taken a really good nap. I had some white/cran/grape juice and it was THE BEST JUICE EVER. 
They told me the retrieved 20 eggs.
That sounded like a lot. The doctor, in her non-excited way, told me that was on the higher end of what they normally get.  I read online the average of eggs retrieved is 8-15. Nice.
I slept a lot when I got home after getting some food. I got home right when Jimmy was waking up and we were able to have breakfast together first.
I was a little sore but nothing too bad. They tell me to take it easy for awhile because I'm at risk for some stuff happening. So, easy breezy activities for the time being.   
Where do we go from here?
Today we should be getting a phone call from the clinic telling us how many fertilized eggs we have to work with.  I'm so anxious to see how our lil guys are doing together. They best be behaving. Or not behaving. 
Then, we wait and see how they grow in the lab. If they do what they're supposed to in 3 days, I could have my embryo transfer as soon as Saturday. If the experts feel more time is needed for optimal growth, it could be more like Monday.
Tomorrow I start my big shots in the booty. Aye.


  1. So exciting!!! xox <3

  2. So ecstatic for the two of you!!!! God is soooo good/powerful and He's there for you!!!! Love you!!!!

  3. So excited and saying lots of prayers for you guys!

  4. OMG!!! With my crazy life I haven't had time to catch up on your blog for awhile. I finally sit down this morning to do it and get this exciting news!!!! I had no idea you guys were doing this! I am SO incredibly happy for you and this exciting new adventure!!! I will pray my little heart out that it all goes smoothly! So excited too to hear the AMAZING news about Jimmy off the ventilator. That is HUGE!!!!!! Please tell him one of his fans in UT is SO proud of him! So happy for you both!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!