The Last Few Days

8am just rolled out of bed selfie.

1. IVF: Injections, ultrasounds, call backs.
I've been to the clinic for two ultrasounds/blood work in the last 3 days. I go in for another round tomorrow morning. Estrogen, progesterone, follicle/egg levels are where they are supposed to be. Was instructed to continue on meds as we continue to track my progress, hopefully narrowing in on an egg retrieval date in the next week.   

2. Aztec sweater
I wore this aztecky sweater to the doctor's this morning. I got it from TJ Maxx for $20. STEAL. Although, pretty sure I caught my doctor looking at me like I pulled out the ugly sweater for the party too soon.

3. I'm Thankful For...
Welcome, November! I'm not gonna even get mad about the giving of thanks every day on Facebook. Really, I'm not.
No, really...

4. Jimmy
He hasn't been on the ventilator in TWO WEEKS. WHaaaaat?! I need to take a break to process this. Okay, I'm back.
Pure amazingness. He's crazy determined and getting it done. He's had some really tired days and low-grade fevers here and there so he's not been coming off his diaphragm pacer as much but that is beyond okay. He always got his goal in mind.
I will make him something he likes for dinner to celebrate. As opposed to something I like.  

5. Taming the Worry
I was talking to my mom on the phone last night and told her I'm worried about all this IVF stuff not working. Then, before she could offer her wisdom, I came up with this: "Well, if I do get pregnant, I'll worry about it sticking. Then I'll worry about health of baby. Then I'll worry about labor/birth. Then I'll worry about newborn/quad dad/crazy hormonal mom challenges. Then I'll worry about daycare, schools, judgey Atlanta moms and then if my kid will like me".
The point of the story is: SHUT UP BRAIN.
I'm not gonna be any good to anybody when I've shriveled
up into a tense little wrinkly raisin from worrying too much.
So, I'm gonna go on the patio with some hot tea and read some Bridget Jones and try to not
worry for like 5 seconds.
Happy Sunday!


  1. As the saying goes...worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have :) Hugs and have a good day, say hi to Jimmy for me!


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