Christmas Card 2013

Happy Christmas Days!

The heat kicked on this morning meaning it's probably pretty brisk outside. 

The fireplace will get a little workout today. I will pump Christmas music through either the TV, iPad or the Nissan. 

Maybe I'll finish Christmas shopping. I will definitely make these cookies. I will hug Jimmy around the neck at least four times today. That's the average.

I will paint my nails and maybe give my eyebrows some much needed attention. Nails: dark, dark red maybe. Or a forest green.

All of this while we continue to try and make Jimmy better. He continues to battle some stuff.

Happy Thursday... 12 days until Christmas!


  1. I love the Christmas cards! They are super cute!

    I wish we lived down south. It was in the negatives when I woke up today. Blah. :/

    I hope you and Jimy have a good day! :)

    Stephanie @

    1. Thank you! We do love the mild winters here. Jimmy, especially.

  2. Your Christmas cards are adorable! I wish we lived close and we could have a nail painting/cookie baking/wine tasting/get it all out sesh.


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