I Don't Mind Wrapping My Own Gifts When...

... my husband has secret boxes delivered to the house. I may know what's inside, I may not. I think he has been working with mischievous little elves to achieve desired results (aka My Christmas list).

In the final weeks leading up to Christmas, he pays extra attention when I talk -- as to listen for clues and nuggets for gift-giving. 

Then, the busy mouthstick stylus tapping on the iPhone. Tap, tap, tap. A busy little husband ordering and making arrangements. All because he knows.. I like the stuff. 

I've gotten so excited shopping for people and giving gifts versus looking foward to receiving. Is this what happens when you become an adult?  

Although, when my gifts started coming in... eeeeek! 


I don't mind wrapping my own gifts because my husband can't anymore. And that's okay. He puts effort into shopping and selecting my goodies when he knows it makes me happy. It helps things feel...  like they used to. 


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