Looking Back and Taking Stock

Do you see it? It's proof that Jimmy is getting stronger.

We are two days back now from our Thanksgiving trip to Jimmy's hometown in North Carolina. It was so much fun and one of the least-stressful trips we've had post-injury.

Last year, the family was dealing with the death of Jimmy's father, James, which happened a week before we arrived. This year, we were able to sit back, relax and enjoy each other.

We got to see some of Jimmy's friends who we haven't seen since last Thanksgiving. Jimmy's people are wonderfully genuine and I love crossing paths with them. And, it's not until they tell me how much Jimmy has improved over the course of a year, that I really stand back and notice myself.

In fact, my heart melts when someone is brave enough to tell me how Jimmy's condition has affected them.

A friend told me Jimmy looks so much more alive and healthy this year compared to last. He admitted that after leaving Jimmy from his visit back in 2012, he cried for an hour. This is someone who looked up to Jimmy and was inspired by him growing up. I hoped seeing Jimmy stronger helped him. I know it has been hard for many of Jimmy's friends and family to see him like this compared to the lively, busy-bodied Jimmy they once knew.

His comments made me think how far we have come. Last year on this holiday, Jimmy was so tired he had to go on the ventilator just to get through all the conversation. Just to make it through the night. This year, the 9 o'clock hour was upon us; we didn't even see it coming. Jimmy was laughing, talking a whole lot and doing it! We forgot about all the medical stuff this time. Last time, we couldn't escape it.

As I sit and take stock, I realize Jimmy is starting to show more signs of life. More proof that the old him is still in there.

He's starting to look like himself again.

A happy Jimmy with his mother, Sandra.
Thanksgiving 2013.


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