Santa Came Early

Ho ho holy crap I got presents today. Jimmy and I did The Moore Christmas this evening. We're traveling and didn't have room for our gifts and really, wanted to exchange gifts at home in front of our tree. We booted the nurse for a few hours and had our prezzie time.

Jimmy finally got his copy of All The President's Men. I also got him Birchbox for Men, in which he got a cute little hat. He also got some fun socks and some stylish lounging pants -- a challenge to find. He has told me that jeans are harder for his caretakers to get on meaning more being jerked around. 

He got his adorable wife the new coffee maker she's been eying as well as some pretty cutesy shoes. 

It was very 'after-Christmas' a few hours ago, like, when the kids play with their toys and such after all the excitement dwindles down. Jimmy watched his new flick. I sat and read the instruction manual for my new coffee maker. I usually don't read manuals but I searched several minutes for the water gauge on the coffee pot (computer) only to realize... it's digital. Omigosh technology.

Tomorrow will be busy busy packing up the van with luggage, medical supplies, presents and cookies. Oh me oh my.

It's been a whole year since I've been back home. A year! I'm excited to go and hug my family and eat too much homemade Italian food.

Also that cup of coffee on our hotel patio on Christmas morning. Over looking the Atlantic.

Just fine.


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