The Flying Tire: Top 5 Readsies of 2013

5) An Untold Story
If Jimmy and I were living in Georgia as a married couple less than 50 years ago, we'd be breaking the law. Just by being married. Uhm, that's not that long ago you guys. Read more...

4) Terrifying Excitement
Jimmy and I have started taking the steps to begin IVF. After several consults and discussions, we decided it's going to the best route for us. Read more.. 

3) The Egg Retrieval
I am resuming my morning coffee today after yesterday's procedure. The egg retrieval went well. It was super quick and painless for the most part. My friends picked me up at home and drove me and waited for me to be done, which was amazing. I didn't have to be alone at all during this. Read more..

2) The Thing About IVF? Sometimes It Doesn't Work.. 
It didn't work for us this time. As sucky-hard as that news is, Jimmy and I are doing okay. This was a gamble. We knew striking out was a possibility. Right after I published a cheery blog about my egg retrieval and moving forward, the embryologist called us and said we had no fertilization and that I should stop taking my medication. Read more...

And the most read blog of 2013 by you, the reader?

1) Your Emergency Row Ambassador
Tomorrow. Tomorrow at 2:30pmish. Two years ago. A text I received while on my way to work would begin the process of unraveling what has happened. It was too soon to tell if it was permanent. That news would not come on this day. Monday, August 8, 2011. The last time Jimmy walked. The last time he drove a vehicle. Just like that. Read More...

I'm excited to see what happens in the coming year and more excited to share it with you. Thanks for being with me through everything and supporting me and Jimmy. We are lucky to have ya!



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