WTF, Atlanta? (But I Still Love You.)

I didn't realize until I got home that those "stacks of free newspapers" in the lobby probably
weren't and that those Sharpied-on numbers are condo units. Whoooooops.

While the city deals with that, (yikesabee!) I keep taking pictures of snowy things. From inside, of course.

This is the first snow since we moved to Atlanta in Fall 2011. I forgot how beautiful and exciting a rare snowfall is.

I was having a consult with my fertility doctor right when the flakes started to fall Tuesday morning. 

Doc had her blinds open as to enjoy the rare Georgia sight. I kept drifting off into snowy space during our conversation. She probably thought I was on weird drugs.  

It's mesmerizing. And at night, makes things so wonderfully quiet.

Obvs, this was no joyous winter wonderland for so many poor souls who were stuck and stranded on our interstates. I mean... what. the. f.  

As I was on the way home from the doctor's, traffic started to slow.  It took me 2.5 hours to get 26 miles. Then I got home and turned on the news. I was then thankful I got home when I did.

A few folks reached out to check on us. So nice. We we're home and staying there watching it all unfold on the local news. I only worry about losing power in these types of situations with Jimmy's respiratory needs. But it never came to that.

During all of this, though, Jimmy has been dealing with yet another medical issue (not related to his most-recent surgery). He's been in bed the last 3 days, sleeping away the snow and started watching Breaking Bad. He's on Season 3 already. Addicted, apparently. Just like the rest of 'Merica.

On foot, I ventured out to Downtown Decatur today which turned out to be a really good couple of hours. The sun was shining, which helps. Some shops were open. Fro-yo was open! I totally got some. And then I came home and had hot tea in front of the fire. Makes no sense. I know it.

Since I came back from my walkabout at dinner time, I was so glad I had (for once in my life) planned ahead and had something cooking in the crock pot.  

Yay, domesticity.

I think maybe the snow will be melting off tomorrow and then we can go back to everyday life and then our lovely neighbors to the north can stop taunting us.

But seriously. How adorable does this inch of snow make my patio?
It's beginning to look at a lot like Christmas.


  1. Don't feel guilty. I got an oreo milkshake from Cook-out last night when it was 16 degrees. And it was AWESOME!! Glad you got home safely


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