Devil Horns and A Fat Burrito

This afternoon, we went to Jimmy's wound doctor so he could do the first round of tissue expanding for his head.

[Back story: About a month ago, Jimmy had surgery done to his head to "clean up" some unhealthiness that was happening up there.  It was one of two injury's from the accident.  Long story short, he got it cleaned up and had tissue expanders in.  So, after six weeks of expanding he'll get reconstructive surgery  and that stretched tissue will cover the giant injury site/hole left on his scalp. He might even have hair where he didn't before.]

Today he got his first round of expanding. Jimmy got 30ccs of saline put in each expander. He tolerated it very well. Of course, now, you could truly start seeing the big bubbles starting to come out of his head. Jimmy's starter set of devil horns. Little baby cute ones. 

Somehow, someway... even after Devil Horns 101, Jimmy felt up to going somewhere to eat. 


That's a rare treat. So we parked downtown and found only, like, half of the eateries are open on Mondays. But you know what WAS open? This super cute burrito joint.

It was that weird time of day. Like 4pm. And we hadn't had lunch so we needed something big enough where it could be enough for both. 

Bingo was his name-o.  

Jimmy asked me if this could count as a date; something I've been urging him to help me schedule (the nice way of saying it) for awhile. I do know he wanted to try and get one in before his horns got to be full grown. 

So, YES. This can count as a date, Jimmy. 

Here are my requirements:

1) Only him and I. 
2) The nurse has to sit at another table.
3) The food/activity really has to be something we equally want/agree on and therefore are both semi-excited about. This rule sometimes can be flexible. (example: Steely) (example: the zombie love movie I made him go see.)
4) I can't drag him out of the house (which I really could do any day.) He has to be willing. Otherwise, it will be a shitty date. And no one wants a shitty date. I mean... someone may want a shitty date. I do not.
Holy glorious pretty pile of food.
Hence, our day date complete with devil horns and a fat burrito.


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