Jimmy's Chicken Roll-Ups

Jimmy and I had a moment this evening. Like, a kinda sad moment. But it resulted in a delicious meal.

I really wanted to eat but really, really, reallllly didn't want to cook. I also felt we had too much food in the house to justify ordering out.

My level of tired was abnormally high today. Not sure why. 

And then I said, "I just want someone to cook me a meal."

I definitely immediately regretted it. Like, rubbing salt in the SCI wound. But, Jimmy didn't get that upset about it.

He did say, "I wish I could cook for you. I'd make this blah blah stuffed chicken thing with blah blah."

Uhm, he just pulled this amazing recipe from his ass? Are you kidding me?  Well leeeeeez go, son. I can be instructed.

And I was. Together in the kitchen, we made these little chicken roll-up thingys that have bacon, ham, cheese, onion and a yummy mushroom gravy. I love when he's up to doing this because this means we both get to eat well.

And he feels, I'm sure, productive as he's able to exercise his skills. I always immediately want to make chicken enchiladas because I love Mexicanish and can eat it everyday.

It's my go to suggested meal. I suggested it tonight. I'm going to suggest chicken enchiladas every night.

Mwa ha ha. (And more evil laughing.)



  1. He really is a great cook... Furlough Fridays are such a great Myrtle Beach memory.

    1. Ha! Furlough Friday. Something many of you Dayside folks got to enjoy at our pad while I slaved away the Nightside. :)


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