Val Day Wrap-Up

This is what I got Jimmy:

This is what he got me:

Hey Server! Can you take our picture?
[Thee most awkward positioning ever and that guy in the background
who may be scratching his butt. THANKS.]

Fiiiiine. I'll do it myself. Val Day selfie-ism.

We got home and, yay, my Birchbox came! I got this super color-changing nail polish.
[Sucks that I had already committed to a black and white color scheme for this particular blog
so, you know, you can't see the actual color or anything. It's hot pink, btw.]

Oh. And later than night? There was an earthquake. In SC, close to the GA line. For me, in Decatur, it felt like a couple of elephants moving furniture upstairs and my lamp was shaking a little. There was definitely some butterfly action happening in my belly. 
Then I went back to watching Sherlock thinking: I wonder if that was an earthquake. 
I should look that up later. 
Then about 20 minutes later I get a panic text from a friend in SC. 
[Nothing to show for this little rumble so I'm reenacting what
 my face probably looked like when it happened.]


  1. Hot pink! It's a must see!! Gotta see it not in black and white.

  2. Just a random blog reader. Your own challenge's are different from my own but I like your perspective. Thank you. Thinking and Praying for you both. I have a Jimmy too, well a guy who I love who handles life the best he can and helps me when I am ready to give up. All the best

    1. Thank you so much. For the kind works and the prayers. Good luck you, friend!


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