Oh hi. Remember me? I'm a girl who used to occupy space here. Apparently I needed time to hibernate, replenish, and remind myself to exhale. It's good to be back.

I'm sitting on my patio watching the sun inch down and, while it's still pretty cool out, I can almost feel the warmth that will soon be here.

The squirrels are starting to scope out the trees that they used last summer/fall. Jimmy and I would watch the Mamma's fend off any unwanted visitors barking up near the wrong nest. For whatever reason, after a massive squirrel fight we witnessed, we dubbed it, "Squirrel Gate." 

What have I been up to?

1) Spinal cord injury stuff: dealing with an array of things going on with Jimmy. Some big, some not so big. Some causing me to overreact, when in reality, I know deep down Jimmy is gonna be okay. 

2) Reading: Skimming this, running through that. Just finished Tina Fey's book. Man, I love her even more now.  It's probably good to have a hero for when I finally realize that Bridget Jones isn't actually real life.

3) I just checked the DVR. There are 92 unwatched items in there. So, yeah. Guess we haven't been watching TV.

4) I got to hold a newborn belonging to a dear friend this past weekend. A newborn's lips are like the greatest thing. So squishy. Pretty great meeting this baby and getting reacquainted with her other boys. 

5) Jimmy and I watched some movies recently. Today we watched Nebraska and I absolutely adored this film. There's something soothing about a black and white movie and then Will Forte not doing sketch comedy? He brought something endearing to his role.

I love movies sometimes.

Jimmy watched and he didn't pretend to not be watching like when I put on the Kardashians, or some crap like that. He definitely, all the way watched.

Tomorrow is Friday. People are happy on Fridays. Have a good weekend!

Does he have Alzheimer's?
No, he just believes what people tell him. 


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