The Announcement

It's out there. That part is finally over, although I did drop the biggest hint ever a couple of weeks ago. Worrying about when we were "gonna put it out there" was an actually thing happening in my head. Some people wait until 20 weeks. Some announce at 6 or 8 weeks and don't think another thing about it. I guess there's no right answer.

I probably could have waited a little longer (who knows if I would have ever been ready) but oh the frick well. Jimmy was ready awhile ago. I picked up his hand and actually used his pointer finger to hit the POST button to send it out. I was having silly anxiety and was a little sweaty even. It's the same anxiety I had when I first posted about making the decision to start IVF. 

But now I can talk about it and write about it! That part I'm happy about. No more hiding in my little pregnancy bubble.

I've had four good-lookin' ultrasounds. Over the past 13.5 weeks, we've seen a little blob turn into an actual thing that actually looks like a baby. Wha? How? Science? Okay.

Still can't believe it.  CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

My first trimester is wrapping up as we speak. It was... not bad. I didn't puke, although there was nausea and weird aversions. My fridge: the sight, smell could make me not want to eat. I took a crap load of naps and even fell asleep before ten sometimes which is unheard of.  Tried to eat healthy but hormones (yeah, that's what I'll blame it on) may have gotten the best of me. I'm sure to get a lecture from my OB on my first official visit in a few weeks. 

I guess the good news is that I seem to have more energy now. I don't want junk all the time. I mean realistically, I have my moments, but stopping for a dozen Krispy Kremes and eating and unspecified amount of that dozen no longer sounds appealing. 

Jimmy is keeping in character about this whole baby thing. I think he's pretty excited, but I don't know how real it feels for him yet. I feel like when the bump starts to grow, maybe it will be more believable. But then again, maybe I'm not giving Jimmy enough credit.  Maybe he's just "man excited."  

Here's the growth of Baby Moore as we've seen it. I realize I'm lucky to have had this many ultrasounds, but I had two at the fertility clinic before I was released to a regular OB. 

Without further ado, our little Beanie... 


  1. So happy for you & Jimmy!!! I went to school with Jimmy and fondly remember that big bright smile:) Thank you for sharing your happiness with us. God is good!!!

  2. I am so so so happy for you guys! I have been following you for a long time. Julie and my daughter grew up together. I am so glad she shared you both with us!

  3. Congratulations....I am so so happy for both of you. The time will fly by until that last month and it will drag by because you want to see this baby you have been lugging around for 8 months. But when they put that little precious baby in your arms for the first time you will then know what unconditional love is. You will instantly love someone with all your heart and soul that you have never seen or talked too. It is an amazing feeling. I still remember Jimmy when Carrie and I think Mike were in HS at Freedom...his smiles are fantastic and his sense of humor is hilarious. Love to you and Jimmy will make great parents because you and he have a fountain of love and it has more than been proven. Love ya ! Nancy &Tom Lynch, Stanfield, NC

  4. Congratulations!! I have read your blog for awhile but have never commented. Not exactly sure how I found your blog but I believe it was taged on the side of another blog I read.Anyway just wanted to say I think it is wonderful news and I am excited to follow your pregnancy and most of all to see that beautiful baby when it arrives. I also admire that you would be willing to bring a baby into your family when your situation can at times be hard. It will bring a light that will bring so much joy! Sending love from Utah, Charlene


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