The Miami Project

A while back, a new website on the verge of launching asked me to contribute a story about mixed couples during it's Beta phase. It was something I've never written about, so I enjoyed the challenge. Humanthology is a pretty great website. It's a collection of some truly amazing, heartfelt stories.

My untold story is HERE

And now, they've taken it a step further and allowed contributors to attach a cause that's important to them.

Many Humanthology writers have chosen causes that relate to their story. That makes the most sense. I have not done that.

I chose The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. There's a groundbreaking (FDA approved) clinic trial happening there right now.

Hope hope hope. 

Because they've allowed me to add this important cause to my story, it's my duty to tell you about it.

I've started with a $250 goal. 100% of what I raise for The Miami Project will be sent monthly to the organization. I'm happy to be able to send any amount. You can donate to The Miami Project HERE

Thank you in advance for anything you can do. If you don't wanna, or can't -- that's perfectly okay, too.



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