16 Weeks

Oh HEY. Here's a "belly pic" of me at 16.5 weeks.
Keep in mind I'm wearing maternity jeans which I feel make the belly
look a tad rounder than it actually is. 

Oh. Those stickers don't work as mirror pics. Der. 
Here ya go. 
I'm finally remembering to use the belly decals my friend got me! 
Kinda cute, actually.

How far along? We've already covered that. 

How big is baby? Don't know officially but all my apps say 3-5 ounces and 4-5 inches long. Grow baby grow!

Total weight gain/loss: Next question, nosy. 

Maternity clothes? YES. Hand me downs are working quite nicely. I have a few things I bought but the day-to-day stuff I got on loan including the super cute top pictured above along with the maternity skinny jeans.

Sleep: I'm sleeping really well now compared to the 1st trimester. In fact, I think I'm requiring more and more sleep all the time. Yes, yes I know: "Enjoy it while you can!" (If I had a nickel.) Trying to train myself to stay off my back which, incidentally, is where I sleep the soundest. Damn it.

Best moment this week: Jimmy thinking my sharp abdominal pains/ligament stretching were baby kicks. It was cute.  Also, we talked about some names. 

Movement: I may have felt some bubbly stuff. I have no clue if that's baby or not. Waiting for more definitive movement, although in the last two ultrasounds we saw baby kicking and stretching.

Food cravings:  Fresh fruit. Fruit smoothies. Fruit salad. Cheese. Chips and salsa. Bacon. Orange juice. Pizza. Italian. Mexican. I bought pomegranate juice for the first time. So good.

Food Aversions: I don't know.  Leftovers are iffy.

Gender:  We should know soon.  

Labor Signs:  Nah.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Plenty-o-fatigue. Some nausea. Some dizziness. Acne. Chubs.

Belly Button in or out? Still an innie.

What I miss: Running. Cocktails. 

What I am looking forward to: Finding out how baby's doing and gender.  Really any chance to see the lil tot.

Upcoming appointments/events: Anatomy/gender scan in two weeks. (Eeek!)

Milestones: Hearing heartbeat when I go to OB's office. I still can't believe there's a little baby muffin growing inside of me. How Sci-Fi! Also, when I officially crossed over into the 2nd trimester. It's just so surreal that this is happening.


  1. Your belly is so adorable! Many congratulations to you and Jimmy. Love your blog.

  2. I am a total blog stalker, but not in a creepy way! I have never met you, nor will I probably ever, but I ran across your blog and wanted to let you know that I think you are amazing. The trials and triumphs you and your husband have faced are more than many will experience in a lifetime. I am so thrilled to hear of your new addition, there is nothing more precious than children.

    I also wanted to ask you if you have ever read Ben&Katie's blog... again I don't know them but have followed her blog also for some time. I feel as though you two are walking a similar path, not identical I know but very similar. http://katieandbenupdates.blogspot.com/ You should check it out.

    Prayers from Colorado,

    1. Thank you so much, Jill. Stalk away. I'll check out the blog. I haven't come acrossed it yet. xo.


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