Closet Nursery Transformation

I might have written about this awhile back. When we talked about bringing a baby home, I wondered where the little tot would go. There's no empty room that's a clearly designated nursery. We live in a two-bedroom condo. I get a room. Jimmy gets a room. And it works for us. He comes with nurses and equipment. I come with... well, needing my own space.

I talked about turning half my room into a nursery, although I didn't love that idea. Then I thought it might be easier to sacrifice my closet space versus changing my entire room zen space.

Closet it is. 

My parents were here recently and my dad helped me take some shelves down, putty the walls, paint and put some furniture together. And by helping me I mean did every single bit of that himself. 

Here's mini-me's closet nursery so far, and the process of getting here. Sometimes I think it's really small. Then I look at THIS. My nursery is a closet mansion compared to that. I realize it's really enough space for a mini-human, for now. For awhile actually.

So for all you mathy numbery people, this closet space is like 7 and some change feet by 8 feet. A baby is like 1/18th of that -- or something. I'm really bad at math.

Let's move on.

So, there's the sweet little crib. Isn't it sweet?

It was a little panicky ordering a crib at 11 weeks pregnant. Felt super duper early. However, logistically, I wanted someone qualified to put a crib together. I didn't feel I was that person. Especially with how difficult crib assembly seems to be by all the Facebook dads who take pictures of the millions of pieces and their faces of frustration.  

Turns out, this model was super easy to put together. Dad was done in like 30-40 minutes. Of course. I'm still grateful.

So grey room, white crib. Will add color with news of gender and update you on this space as it comes along. 


  1. Looks perfect to me....

  2. Love this, Jaim!

  3. The room is perfect! I'm a bit concerned about where your clothes go.... John lived in our dining room for his first months. (Sorry about illegal characters on will work or won't) I have to be anonymous because I don't understand computers.


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