Pool Day

Yesterday I spent a few hours at the pool. It was hot and I wanted to lounge, and, with the right amount of sunscreen, if I closed my eyes, I could smell the beach. Oh how I miss the beach. Ah, home. 

Yes. I see this happening a lot this hot summer. A growing belly, lounging and laps.
Best part? Jimmy came out and lounged with me. I get so exited when he decides to emerge from the house.
I know he was so tired not to mention less than thrilled to be out with the work being done on his head. But he came and it made me happy and he's a good husband. 

He got a tan line in like 2.5 minutes. Whateverrrr. He wasn't scared to mention that a few times to me, either. 

So there was extremely pale person at the pool and another person showing off his tan. 

But, poolside happiness. 

Pregnancy update: Almost 16 weeks. I feel the bump is on the way. Or maybe I just hope. Just to clarify for onlookers that I'm with child and not eating too many chocolate pies. 

I guess it will be plenty evident soon enough.


  1. Ha! Not only do we have the same surname, but we also have the same husband (not literally speaking of course - that would be wrong. And weird, but mostly wrong).

    But when we go somewhere sunny he looks like he has been to some exotic island for 3 months, and I look like I have had a hot bath....
    Just sayin' is all.


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