20 Weeks

Halfway through the pregnancy! I can't believe it. I feel like I haven't grown but then I look back at 16 week picture and, yeah, belly looks a little bigger.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Some gained.

Maternity clothes: All day everyday.

Stretch marks: I don't think so. Let me rephrase: I don't think any of my current stretch marks are from pregnancy.

Sleep: Varies from night to night. Sometimes good. Sometimes not very much at all. There's the whole waking up to pee a lot. Sometimes I can go right back to sleep. Sometimes I need the TV's help. Naps still needed during the afternoon from time to time.   

Movement: It's all very popcorny feeling still.

Food cravings: Mexican. Ice Creamy things. Smoothies. Sno-cones look good. Sno-cones never look good.   

Gender: GURL.

Labor signs: Nah.

Belly button - in or out? In. I do check it a lot though.

What I miss: I'm all set. 

What I am looking forward to: Definitive baby movement. Getting more baby gear. Looking truly pregnant and not just chubs.     

Milestones: Having the anatomy scan, seeing her move/change positions (cross legs and suck thumb) confirming gender. 


  1. Gah. I can't believe you are already past half way! This is so exciting! I cannot wait to meet little Miss Moore!


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