Saturday, July 12, 2014

Closet Nursery Transformation Pt. 2

The closet nursery is coming along! My little baby space is becoming a little cozy nook for my little baby.

Here's where we were

And now we have furniture and some stuff on the walls. Never mind the horendous flaws in the peel and stick wallpaper... it was my first time and it was a pain in the friggin' A!

Alls I need is some baby stuff to put in there. Also, yeah, and a baby nugget. Woo! 15 weeks.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

24 Weeks

I can't do the same questionnaire for each belly sticker so here are my Pregnancy Bullet Points. 

*I use far too many apps to track Beansie's progress, but from what I can gather, she appears to be as large as an eggplant this week. Weight is around 1-1.5 lbs and length is nearing or at one foot. Eeeep! 

*Feeling more stuff. It's still very random, but sometimes when I forgot why I'm swelling or feeling like poo, I get a little nudge reminder -- It's for her. 

*I'm sleeping fairly well these days. (Knock. Wood.) I know it won't last, but it's soooo nice. 

*We have a name! It's.... a secret. Believe it or not, this was Jimmy's idea. I think he knows I'll put too much stock into what people will say and the name we have chosen isn't your average girl's name.  I'm sure we'll get plenty of opinions, but maybe people will be less harsh (or less vocal) if they have a cute, cuddly, squishy face to put with it. 

*I heart maternity underwear. 

*My belly is growing but people still either: can't tell I'm pregnant or, if they were made aware, usually have a comment about how I'm not showing much at all. Uhm, complex. When I was at the OB last week, she said I measured fine. I guess I can look back at this when people are asking me if I'm carrying multiples and laugh. Or cry. Side note: I feel totally bad for ever commenting on a pregnant woman's belly size. Ever.

*Headaches, back and hip stiffness and swelling are things that are happening. Also, when I get up in the morning and walk towards the coffee pot, my feet feel like I danced in high heels at a wedding the night before. 

*No weird cravings but this morning I found myself ready for lunch at 9:30. 

*Drinking enough water is like a job. I have to stay. on. it.  

*Glucose screening test is coming up in a few weeks, to hopefully rule out gestational diabetes. 

*Jimmy is getting excited I think. We've talked about two-year old soccer at the Y after he saw a sign (how friggin' cute?) and he's said "my kid" on occasion when talking about certain scenarios. He likes to break the news to his favorite people like the proud papa he already is. 

*OH AND THIS: He asked for a baby belly rub before he was rolled into surgery. I took his hand and put it on my belly before they took him. Yeah, I know -- tears. 

Will update on the Project Closet Nursery soon. It's coming along quite nicely I might say. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Surgery Eve Eve

Another surgery date is looming in The Moore household.  We'll rise (but probably not shine) extremely early Tuesday morning for the second of two head surgeries for Jimmy.

He'll be getting the tissues expanders finally taken out of his head. He had them put in seven months ago. Since then, he's had fluid added into the expanders every 2-3 weeks to stretch out the tissue. Tuesday, his wound doctor will remove the expanders and cover his head wound with the healthy, stretched tissue.

I'll be excited to finally see Jimmy in his stinky ole Boston ball cap, something he hasn't been able to wear yet this year. He'll look like his old self again. I might cry. Emotions.

The first surgery was extremely stressful. His surgery was delayed until the afternoon. Jimmy hadn't been allowed to eat anything since midnight. Then, the surgery took a long time. It wasn't until like 9pm when I could finally go back and see him in recovery.  It was the longest day and I had no clue if they had forgotten about me in  family waiting.

They didn't. And now I know this time they'll most likely come and get me no matter how late. 

During all of that was the stress of finding out if a recent fertility procedure had worked. I had packed pregnancy tests in the side pocket of my purse, but kept getting negatives. I was a hot mess.

Now I'm in month six of pregnancy and really need to work on my stress level. Surely, the January surgery stress will help me with my expectations.

I hope this surgery isn't as painful for Jimmy. Maybe the taking of the things out will hurt less than the putting of things in. I hope.

Either way, he'll be admitted back into The Shepherd Center again to be monitored, post surgery. We'll be there for 3-6 days.

As much as we looked forward to the break from our home health (24-7) nurses, man the constant flow of people in your room at all hours of the night can truly suck. There is zero sleep happening and some folks have the poorest of bedside manners - turning on full, overhead lights at 6am. Oh, they don't care if you just had head surgery and have the most massive headache of all headaches. Blood, apparently, has to be drawn on their schedule and on their preference of atmosphere. Jerks. Okay, clearly not everyone sucks at the hospital. But don't be a jerk, blood draw guy!  

Getting stable and back home as soon as possible and having one nurse at our disposal at all times is actually quite nice.  

Over the past few months, Jimmy hasn't wanted to emerge much from the house with his max fluid-filled head. However, I was able to get him out to watch the first game of The World Cup with one of his bests who drove many miles just to do that with him, to travel to a dear friend's wedding, and yesterday, to a Braves game to be a part of a Bachelor party for a wedding party he was invited to be in. 

He's been a good sport considering he doesn't look and feel like his "normal" self. He does what he can for feeling like crap most of the time.

It's time to start feeling better though. It's time to put the Boston cap back on.

It's time get ready for a new bundle. The countdown is on.

116ish days left.