30 Weeks

*This is what you call a laying-down-belly-shot-so-my-stay-puffy-feet-can-deflate picture. 

*TMI: I might be done with underwire bras for awhile. The pain is real. 

*TMI: Peeing while coughing, laughing sneezing is also real. 

*Currently baby gal is the size of: cantaloupe, butternut squash, cabbage. She's about 17 inches long and weighs about 3lbs. 

*10 weeks left, people. 10 weeks. 

*On vacation this week at the beach and realizing this heat is NOT my friend. A heat advisory today? Whaddup, A/C, ice cream and ice water.

*My feet are obnoxious. Jimmy is calling me The Michelin Man. I prefer The Stay Puff Marshmallow Man cause Ghostbusters! Yep, the heat. Also, the vacation cuisine. Also, the running around visiting. Also, the pregnancy. 

*The baby shower was simply wonderful. I look forward to doing a separate post when I get home, unpack all my goodies and go through some pics. 

*This baby muffin is particularly ninja-active this morning. I've said OUCH out loud, like, several times, which is new. It's like she got the memo it was 30 weeks today and decided to crank it up a few hundred notches. 


  1. Love it.You look great.Tell Jimmy no Michelin man,I worked there for 30 years,and you don't look at all like Mr Bibb

  2. You look great! Send pics of the crib once you get it set up!


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