Saturday, August 30, 2014

Baby Shower!

What a great day Baby Shower Day was! My mom, friend, and aunt threw me the prettiest, sweetest celebration for Baby Girl Moore when I was home in South Carolina. 

And I have to say, my mom's gal pals were the best little helpers, helping Mom get so much together on the heels of her father's death and a sickness she had been battling herself. We're grateful and the shower wouldn't have been the same without them.

Everything was beautiful. I wish I had more time to talk to people who carved out time to come by. I also wish I would have taken pictures. I borrowed most of these but picked up a few good ones.   

One of the two cakes that was made was a replica of the bedding I registered for. It's the quilt. What a cool idea. 

The diaper cake, although he'd never admit it, was my Dad's little project. He stepped up while Mom was sick and crafted that masterpiece.

My mom got me a bunch of Vera Bradley Baby stuff. Who even knew there was a Vera Bradley Baby line? Not I. What a cool gift! Gorgeous patterns.

Mommy's BFF. Perfect.

And, this gift tag was made from the baby shower invite. Love that.

Jimmy came in (and got a hearty round of applause when he cleared the man-made ramp) in time to see me open some gifts. 

Some of the activities for guests: making clay babies (I got to play judge and pick my favorite). Also, writing messages to Baby Girl Moore for her to open on her various birthdays. Brilliant.

I got so many clothes! And, without having an official nursery theme, got so much stuff with owls! Mom tells me owls are good luck. I happen to love them and am happy to have a good owl collection going.

Our due date is October 30th. My dad is seriously hoping for a Halloween grandbaby. Can you tell? He had a giant ghost greeting guests out front.

Funny story: During the start of the shower, when people were still coming in, I saw a lady enter holding a baby gift. I greeted her. I didn't immediately recognize her but said hi and hugged her. She told me who she was. Really nothing was ringing bells. I assumed my mom invited her. I walked away and started talking to someone else while she took a seat next to my friend Jennifer.

Jennifer told me the conversation went something like this:

Jennifer: Hello, how do you know Jaimie?
Mystery lady: Who's Jaimie?
Jennifer: Jaimie! I need you over here!

Turns out, she was at the wrong baby shower. Her shower was also at 1pm on Sunday and also for a baby girl, buuuut was a few blocks away.

So close.

I bet it was slightly weird for her when she looked around and, ya know, didn't recognize anyone.

The food was perfect. The games were perfect. The gifts were... what can I say? We're so grateful for all the goodies we received. (My sister suggested we do a diaper raffle. Yeah. I think I'm set for 6-8 months. I can do snow angels in all the diapers I received. I can make it rain with all the diapers I received. Okay, I'm done.) 

Most importantly the company I had on that beautiful Sunday afternoon... was perfect.

Couldn't have asked for anything more. We are loved. This baby is already so very lucky.

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