It's a Suture-Removal Celebration!

Today, Jimmy got the sutures removed from his head following his surgery last month. No more gauze dressing and things are getting back to normal. And you know what normal means? The Boston Hat. Oh yeah, it's back.

The first time Jimmy's been able to wear a ball cap in eight months. Woo. It's the little things, people.

Several people this weekend told me how good Jimmy is looking, although very tired in the photo below. Maybe this head surgery is helping him feel a little more like himself. 

His newly placed hair is helping his confidence. This I know. I should look for a good before and after so you can see the difference. So standby for that.
After, we went for Fajitas For Two. The steak can't hurt, as my doctor just told me I had pregnancy anemia last week. 

I'm sure my doctor would tell me to eat Steak Fajitas For Two more often. Wink wink. 


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