32 Weeks

My belly pic stickers are every two weeks now. Are you sick of seeing these pictures yet? If so -- not much longer to go. (And then I will nauseate you with newborn baby girl photos instead.) If not -- great!

*8 weeks (or 56 days) left.

*She's the size of: a head of lettuce, a jicama, or a winter squash. 

*She's probably around 17-19inches long and might weigh around 3-4lbs. 

*Baby reacts the most when I drink really cold water or listen to really loud music. 

*Sleeping comfortably is something that's becoming more challenging as I grow larger. I guess this an upside of sleeping alone. There's no end to the tossing and turning. 

*Jimmy saw her move in my belly for THE FIRST TIME. She must have been rolling around. I underestimated his excitedness. He had the biggest smile on his face! Warmed. My. Heart. Just that little moment made me so excited to finally have her here so we can explore ways to get Jimmy some baby cuddles. I can't even stand how cute it's gonna be. 

*A midwife who examined me at my last OB appointment said it felt like baby was already head down. 

*Happy to report the feet-swelling has gone down since the traveling and the less than ideal diet I was maintaining while on vacation in SC. I've reigned it in a little bit. The folks at the OB joint will be pleased. 


  1. Love that smile of yours Jaimie! Glad Jimmy saw her move too. XO


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