34 Weeks

*As of today, 5 weeks and 6 days until due date of October 30th. 

*I read that 34 weeks marks a big milestone, as babies born now generally do fine in the long term.

*Baby is as big as a butternut squash, honeydew melon or pineapple. She's pretty long already at 17-19 inches and weighs around 5-6lbs.  

*This past week, Jimmy and I attended a breastfeeding class at our hospital and I went to an infant CPR class last night. Car seat installation happens next week in my car, then we'll take the van to the fire department to see the best placement for a car seat in there with the wheelchair, nurse, etc. 

*Hospital bag is slowly getting packed, baby clothes/blankies/bibs are getting washed while gear is getting assembled a little at time when I have the energy. 

*Baby does what she wants. Sometimes she's sleepy baby and sometimes she ninja baby.  No rhyme or reason. Guess I shall get used to that.    

*Emotions are getting raw as the weeks go by. The gravity of all this and what it means for each of us logistically and physically is becoming more real. It's hard to believe how close it is. We're so curious about how it's all gonna happen and what it will be like. Just so... exciting!    


  1. 40 days! So excited for her to enter the world. Sending you love from afar XOXO!


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