Monday, September 29, 2014

Culinary Kick

This weekend we stayed in for the most part... feeling kind of homebody-ish I guess. It could perhaps have something to do with the fact that there wasn't an ounce of sunshine. Cloudy and overcast all weekend.

Jimmy was having a rough couple of days: feeling weak, cold, and really dealing with a rough bout of fatigue. It was all he could do to stay up in the chair, not wave the white flag and go back to bed. Sometimes just staying up is an accomplishment. I applaud him. 

I wanted to cook this weekend. This has not been the norm lately. I have not had the urge to cook at all the last month or so. Since my energy level is a third of what it used to be, I have to jump on little whims like this.

This cooking bug came at a time when our dishwasher happens to be broken. Sooo lots of pots and pans and dishes to wash -- all day, everyday. Good times.

I made: Best Tomato Soup Ever by Ree Drummond

I liked this and so did Jimmy. Only thing is that I wouldn't have added so much onion. I like the flavor a good onion sauteed in butter can bring, but I don't like to be able to chew things in my tomato soup. Maybe I didn't cook them down enough. I also omitted the sherry. I do like a creamy tomato soup though, so I happily added the cream as it called for it. Yeah baby. 

Photo: Food Network

Remember how I just said I didn't like to chew things in my tomato soup? I lied. These ranch oyster crackers were AMAZING in our soup.
This was the selling point for Jimmy. Don't think he's crazy about t-soup. These crackers were so good. I used fresh dill instead of dried and left out the lemon pepper and garlic because the ranch packet has so much flavor. My friend will use this recipe with the mini cheddar Ritz cracker sandwiches. It super duper tasty and only should be eaten 1-2 times a year. My insides feel it after I devour those bad boys.

I saw this next recipe and thought it looked so good. Sweet and Spicy Chicken Bacon Wraps from 101 Cooking for Two

They were pretty easy and yummy. I used organic coconut sugar instead of brown sugar and it came out great. Jimmy liked it because it was different. I tend to make the same things a lot. These probably would be good for a football snack. Bacon wrapped stuff = crowd pleaser.

Since I'm anemic during this pregnancy, I pretty much keep a large plastic bin of spinach in my fridge for smoothies or side dishes at all times. I've been wanting creamed spinach. I found this healthier recipe from  It was so good. I used fresh spinach, like I said. I felt like I could have used the entire gigantic Costco bin! It just kept cooking down so small. At some point, I just had to say -- okay, there's going to be too much sauce. Very tasty though. I used a little cream.. just cause.

Lastly, I wanted to try this Greek pimento cheese from Seeded At The Table.  I have a friend who doesn't dig mayo (gasp!) who might get down with this. It's definitely Greek-y tasting.  A little hummus like with the tahini and lemon, but a pretty good snack. Only a portion of the guilt. I bought some whole grain pretzels at the farmer's market I like it with. Haven't gotten Jimmy to try this one yet. His brain can't understand omitting mayo for any reason. Or light mayo. His brain also doesn't understand light mayo.

Okay, I'm going to sleep for three days now. 
Photo: Seeded At The Table

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