36 Weeks

27 days left until due date!

Pretty, hair did, make-up on, just the right angle, belly sticker belly pic

Real life, feeling like complete crap, belly hanging out, sleep shirts don't fit belly pic

*Getting closer... weeks now! Holy buckets!

*We had an ultrasound on Wednesday to get a better idea of our baby's size and see how everything looked. She looked great! She's head down and facing my back, so in the birthing position, but that meant no cute ultrasound pictures with her detailed facial features, which I guess I was expecting. We couldn't see her face but could see her cute little legs crossed and folded up under her bottom. We also saw her practicing her breathing.  

*She weighs around 6.8lbs -- give or take a half pound. So maybe looking at an 8-9 pounder?

*My blood pressure is slowly creeping up. They want me to come back Monday to have it checked again and keep an eye on it. But they aren't too too concerned because it's not super high, and also I'm almost done. I've been told to take it easy, watch the stress, slow it down, watch the sodium, all that fun stuff. 

*Monday will also be our "labor talk" with the OB. We'll discuss our wishes and possible plans, options -- all that jazz. 

*Today Jimmy's nursing agency threw us a baby shower, which was amazingly nice of them. So many people we don't know came and celebrated. We were so touched. We also got a chance to talk to them about some challenges we could face once the baby comes and how to use the nurses more to our advantage for cooking, feeding, errands, appointments etc., once I'm not able to.  

*Uhm, we're gonna have a baby soon.


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