38 Weeks

*All of the pregnancy count down apps are now comparing my offspring to the size of watermelon, pumpkin, spaghetti squash and leeks. 

*Apparently pregnancy carpel tunnel is a thing. 

*As of Monday's OB appointment, I was a fingertip dilated. It could still be weeks... and probably will be. 

*It's fall. Even in Georgia sometimes it can feel like fall. I tried on so many of my pairs of my shoes that aren't flip flops. Nope. I got nothing. Flip flops from here on out until I deflate

*Officially not sleeping much anymore. It was a good run. 

*I think I've finally started with the waddle. 

*I'm tired of peeing. 

*The cool, fall air is heaven sent. Wrap your arms around me sweet, sweet autumnal winds.  

*Jimmy is officially over all the preparations and ready for her to get here. 

*She picks her time of day and will move a bunch and wiggle about, but then most of the time she'll be chill. She's pretty good about not moving much at night. But, I'll tell you... she's now taking my breath away. She's big and it's so weird feeling ninja jabs at the top of my ribs and in my crotch -- at the same time.

*Oh, I read THIS and cried. What a wonderfully reflective time: The end of a pregnancy.   


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