Funny/Not Funny Things Said To Me While Pregnant

37 Weeks
I didn't get a lot of unsolicited belly rubs during pregnancy, which I was surprised by. I did get some funny/not funny comments. People crack me up. Got to love human honestly.  

And really, for all the awkward, funny/not funny comments -- I got so many more wonderful ones.

But... these make for a better blog post, sooo...  

Here they are:

*I knew something was up! You were really moody about those paper towels.

*You're pregnant? I knew your hips were getting bigger.

*I mean, I could tell you were gaining weight but I didn't think pregnancy!

*[On the closet nursery situation] Maybe don't keep your kid in the closet when they are a teenager.

*Especially for this, I wish Jimmy would get arm movement back.

*You used to be really focused on your physical health... 

*Young kid at Publix: "Mommy, she's pregnant like you! But she's fat! She's fatter than you!" [Cue poor mother mortified!]

*Omg your feet!

*You're having a girl?! Good luck!

*You're pregnant?! Good luck! 

*Enjoy your baths now. You won't get to take one for another 10-15 years. 

*Enjoy your sleep now. You won't get any for like 21 years.

I feel like my friends got more of the "You still have one or two months to go? You look like you're going to POP!" Which they hated. I only got one of those.

What were your best funny/not funny comments you got while pregnant?


  1. The most hurtful comment I got at 9 months was from a group of 3 men with dark skin and turbans/towels around their heads who felt the need to pull over (I was walking) and tell me I was eating too much.

  2. 1. I'm 33 weeks now. A few weeks ago I had a customer say " My wife and I had a waitress last wek that was 40+ weeks and you are WAY bigger than she was!"
    2. You have gotten really bitchy since you got pregnant.
    3. Your waddle is so cute.
    4. Don't let your belly bump me, I don't want to catch what is making ya''ll pregnant. (3 of us at work are currently prego)

    I hope your last weeks pre-baby are smooth and that your labor is nothing like any of the horror stories you've heard(people should be slapped when they tell those stories to expecting moms)

  3. You are stunning.
    -- Haley

  4. "I'm going to start following you around with a mop bucket." ��
    "You will never make it to your due date."


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