Spencer: One Month

My Darling Spencer,

Yesterday, you were one month old. Already! Everyone did warn me it would fly by. 

You were surrounded by loved ones, family who came to see you for the first time and spend Thanksgiving with us. 

Your Uncle Gary drove all the way from Florida. He loved holding you. He was a big help! Also, your Grandpa Gary and Christine came to see you. They flew on an airplane from Ohio. They brought Momma Starbucks. That made her super happy. 

The past month - our first month - was challenging and difficult as we're both feeling things out. We're finally starting to get a few things down. 

Believe it or not, I cherished the grind of the late night feeding withs you, watching the entire Gilmore Girls series over the past 4.5 weeks. You're the Rory to my Lorelai. 

You're doing great, lil muffin. 



  1. Yeah Spencer!! Look forward to meeting you, kiddo! :)


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