Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

The Moores // December 2014

Phew... what a year! 2014 was definitely eventful for The Moores. 

We lost a family pillar with the passing of my Grandfather, and only a few months later welcomed a beautiful new life with the birth of Spencer.  Talk about a battle of conflicting emotions. 

I was pregnant for most of the year and Jimmy dealt with all that comes with his scalp reconstruction and two head surgeries. 

We surprisingly still managed to travel. Don't ask me how. I think we're still recovering... 

Jimmy is in his 3rd year of using a wheelchair, living with a spinal cord injury and being paralyzed. It's a wonder I don't breakdown everyday. It's a wonder he doesn't breakdown everyday. 

Someone asked me this spring if I still got sad. That must mean I'm doing a good job of putting on a brave face. Sometimes that helps me to really maintain strength and sometimes the mere sight of Jimmy in a wheelchair produces the quickest of streaming tears. 

How we hold it togther most days is beyond me. How we deal with skin breakdown, UTIs, no sleep, broken wheelchairs, insurance barriers/limitations, needing nursing care, and, now, trying to overcome new SCI/baby challenges is... amazing.

BUT. We have a new baby muffin now. She's a little ray of light in this sometimes dim life. 

We're grateful for this year that brought us Spencer Rosalyn, our little beauty. 2014. 

She's currently laying on my lap, smiling in her sleep. Dreaming of milk waterfalls, I imagine. She's so perfect and so completely enough. 

So many people love her and love us and there's so much support and checking in and visiting. 

The scale is starting to shift.  She's patching up our souls slowly but surely. With little baby band-aids. 

The constant healing will continue in 2015. 

It will be our baby's first full year of life. This time next year, I can't wait to see where we are with her. 

Hopefully I'll return to this blog feeling even stronger and more patched up. 

Baby band-aids. 

Oh, and I just discovered the sleep smiles that were happening may have been gastrointestinal-related. 

Baby band-aids and Pampers. Lots of Pampers. 


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