Sunday, December 21, 2014

Spencer Newborn Photos

Guess whaaaat? MORE SPENCER PICS.

Our dear friends who took our wedding photos in June 2011 came to  meet Spencer a few weeks ago. Not only did they bring her some cute baby goodies, but they brought their fancy camera equipment to snap just a few shots of S.

She was fussy at first. I was thinking it would never work. But, we gave her a bottle and they worked their magic with her to get her to sleep so they could snap some magical shots. They clearly knew the ways of a newborn.

I was not prepared. Didn't have any cute outfits or headbands ready. It was just that kind of day. So they just shot her in what she was wearing and we added a few hats.

They came out pretty wonderful, I think. 

Sweet little baby muffin Spencer Rosalyn at one month old...