Spencer: Two Months


Two months already! Holy moly honey child! 

You're just the cutest.  I could actually just stop there.  

We've noticed you can see better and with that comes more smiles as you associate faces with voices.  

You're getting more comfortable with your morning routine of laying next to your Daddy for some morning cuddles. It's much easier to snuggle with him in the bed versus his chair so we try to make that A.M. goodness happen. 

You're also getting less traumatized by the car seat and the car itself. Baby steps. 

You love taking walks outside and you don't seem to mind if it's in the stroller or the Ergo carrier as long as we're MOVING. 

Today you got your two-month vaccines. Like five of them! Whoa. You were so good. You only cried a few minutes but then you got way fussy later. Luckily Gigi suggested baby Tylenol which seemed to calm you down. Thank GAWD. I didn't even think of that. 

The doc tells me you look good and are growing great. That's good enough for me, kiddo. 

Love you,


  1. What a sweetie, she looks just like her Daddy


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