Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A New Adventure

I'm stepping way out of my comfort zone on this one. Like way, way, way.  This is a challenge I'm ready to take. Gulp. Sales! 

Sometimes having a family to provide for means I think less about how annoyed people will get with me and the fact that I've added them to YET ANOTHER SALES GROUP ON FACEBOOK, and realize that might I actually be able to make this work for us. Staying home with the baby means the world the world THE WORLD. I'm really excited about this. Haven't worked since August 2011. Anxious to get back at it. 

I'm officially an independent sales consultant for Lularoe clothing. It's sassy. Chic. Trendy. Comfy, OMG SO COMFY. Lots of sizes. And, pretty affordable. (Omg, that sounded like a pitch ALREADY didn't it?)

Lularoe sells through their consultants only (That's me!). This stuff is catching on and people are digging it. *I'm* loving it, and my favorite color is grey. Seriously. 

So, if you're keeping track..

1) Provide for family. Check!
2) Personal challenge set outside of my comfort zone. Check!
3) Spruce up my life with COLOR (another personal challenge) and pretty patterns and more things to make me happy, as well as spreading the cheer. Check!

Let us all purchase pretty, colorful clothes (from me) and BE SO HAPPY. We can frolic together.

Thanks for your patience while I add you to my group. Please feel free to peace-out if you'd like.No hard feelings. If you wanna stay and hang with the cool kids, I'll be posting inventory, and announcements there. I also get to do what's called Pop-Up Parties, where you (yes, you) can play hostess and earn free clothes based on what I sell. LLR consultants get random sizes and prints with each shipment. Don't know what I'm getting yet, but I do know there's a heavy box on it's way to me from California. Yayyys.

Only time will tell if this is something great for me, or blah for me. I'm gonna try to be a good one. In the meantime, help me help you wear pretty clothes.

But in all seriousness... my family appreciates your love and support, as always.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Spencer: 12 Months

My Spencer Rosalyn,

A WHOLE YEAR OLD. It's just so unbelievable. The time has just flown and you've grown into a joyous little wonder. You're smart, happy, excitable and soulful. You're always watching, thinking and learning. Just like your first day of life; you're still so curious. I can't where to see that undeniable trait takes you in life.

How You Measure Up:
*Weight: 20.5lbs (60%)
*Height: 30.5 inches (90%)
*Head: 18 inches (75%)
*Diaper: Size 4
*Clothes: 12mo or 18mo
*Teeth: Two (bottom)

Some of What You're Doing:
*Walking! Really well. Just over the past two weeks you've gotten real confident. You actually reject the notion of shopping carts and don't understand why you can't walk around Target or Kroger. 
*You like to scream HEEEEYYY to every baby, small child and even sometimes a larger child -- really everyone you see. I mean scream. You made a full-grown, burly man jump because you screamed so loud out of excitement for seeing this stranger. Also, Kitty Cat. Dadda is your go to, of course. Bye. Mamamama, kind of. You kind of say cookie, too.
*Your favorite stuffed animals and toys you like to hug and squeeze around the neck. Friggin' cuteness.
*You live for remotes, cell phones, iPads, cords, tissues paper and leaves.
*You're currently super into fruit and veggie puree pouches, and have learned to feed yourself with those. Convenient. But you'll try mostly anything. Most of the time, you'll have what we're having. You've come a long way. You used to gag on most human food. 
*You truly do love outdoors. I love watching your eyes watching the wind rustle the trees, as you try and make sense of it.
*Social butterfly, hello! (See above, screaming at strangers and scaring full-grown men.)
*Pretty good sleeper. You snooze from like 7 or 8 to about 6:30.  
*You do pretty well with Dadda's nurses around the house. You have your favorites, of course. It seems you've gotten used to them coming in and out, medical noises like Dad's vent alarm, nurses riding with you in the back of the van, etc.
*Gotten your share of sickness from your little germ-covered buddies at the gym daycare. Building immunity, I suppose. And, you really do love it there. I love peeking in on you. You're so independent and only sometimes try and poke babies eyes out. You're starting to hang with the big kids and leaving the baby side behind. Tear. The caretakers love you. And I love that. 

A friend reminded me of a quote that sums up our first year: "The days are long. The years are short." Everyone tells me it goes by fast. Truths. Truths.  

Spencer Rosalyn, Thank you. Thank you, sweet girl.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

You're One Now

When the clock ticks 1:49am, I will officially have a one-year old.  

Spencer Rosalyn Moore. 

You are what happiness is. 

My little Ditty. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Not sure when this happened, but my baby no longer looks likes a baby. Tonight, as I peeked in on her, she looked grown. She's a toddler now. It's amazing how it happens before your eyes. She's in my constant view, yet I can't see it actually happening.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Look Closely

Look closely and you'll see Spencer and Jimmy. 

Look closely and you'll see a baby in her walker and a father in his wheelchair. 

Look closely and you'll see some extremely rare Dadda moments alone with his daughter.

Look closely and you'll see joy just rebounding off of each of them. 

You'll see a father testing the tone of his voice as guidance, for it will be his all important tool in the months and years to come.

Look closely and you'll see a bond forming and love happening. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Spencer: 11 Months

My Spencer, 

11 months! You're growing, developing and becoming your own little person right before our eyes.  

You took your first step this past week! But since, you haven't been interested in revisiting the subject since crawling is more efficient for you. 

You've learned to say "uh uh" when you drop something. You also say Duckie, Kitty Cat, can wave, and kinda say bye. 

You've finally learned to like human food, moving past baby purĂ©es for the most part. You love ravioli with marinara. Your eyes light up when I hand you a peanut butter spoon. And, you love yogurt for breakfast. 

You live for remotes, cell phones, tissues (to tear in a million small pieces and then to eat) and paper, and sadly, will no longer wear anything on your head. All those days of cute headpieces are currently on pause. 

You go on growing and doing your thing... I'll just be over here cherishing and treasuring your last month in infancy while living in complete denial you're about to turn one. 

Fastest year ever. 

I love you and love watching you blossom. 


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Friend's Father

Looking back through my pictures, I came across this amazing moment. 

This August, I found myself back in my hometown sitting in the living room of a high school best friend. 

Her father died unexpectedly.  It was so untimely for the family, so heartbreaking and being in that house without the sound of his voice felt off.  He was always so welcoming and supportive of me. Always a cheerleader.

So there we were. Spending the last moments we could with my friend before she left again to go back to the west coast and before we went on our way. My mom was holding Spencer and my friend Abby's son Peyton was entertaining her. 

In the middle of all this sadness was a little boy and a little baby smiling and playing. Two little rays of light. Such a special and such a needed moment. Abby's Dad would have adored it.  

Abby's baby and mine. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Us, Lately

Sick baby snuggles

1) Jimmy. 
Poor Jimmy. Ole boy just wants to eat. Tuesday will be 14 days since his throat surgery, and 14 days without food. He's had his NG feeding tube in since, which is quite irritating for him. He's also still got some pain in his neck, especially when positioned in a certain (necessary) way.  We're looking forward to a very important follow-up appointment with his surgeon on Monday. 

2) Spencer. 
Shortly after Jimmy's discharge, Spencer got sick. What was just a little cough turned into a full-blown upper-respiratory illness with a some sort of eye-infection. Poor, poor child. Her eyes were sealed shut one morning. The. Saddest. Ever. She continued to eat, nurse and play amazingly enough. Still dealing with a lingering cough and snot bubbles. So many baby snuggles, but this one hit hard. 

3) Me. 
Apparently you can't will sickness away with your mind. Mama got sick, too. Got a twist of Laryngitis with mine and lost my voice for a few days. I seriously cannot ever remember losing my voice. Super fun and convenient when I was going back and forth trying to get Jimmy an appointment to get his tube feed out. Today there was a little more voice than yesterday. Last night, though, we sat down to read a bedtime story after her bath as we always do. I opened the book and opened my mouth and really forgot I couldn't talk. So we turned the pages and let her pull the flaps which she likes to do. Distraction! 

I'd like to think next week is gonna be better all around for our little fam and we can resume our normal. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Spencer: 10 Months

My Spencer,

Double digits! We made it to 10 months. Your personality continues to shine through. You love to coo, hum, sing and shout. We know you're happy and content when you do your little motorboat/spit combo. It's hilarious.

Eating has become an adventure. We've been working on transitioning to table food. You still love you some peanut butter. We have a dedicated jar in the house that's all yours. But now, you've taken to eating Dadda's oatmeal, and for that matter, his yogurt as well. You still eat all and any puree I give you.  You're even coming around to the ones with bits. We recently discovered you love mac and cheese! Carbs! Peanut Butter! You'll fit in just fine round here.

You're constantly on the move. You've gotten more efficient with your crawling and you're standing really well with support. You can move from couch to coffee table to chair all while standing. You haven't let go yet, but it's coming soon. I can feel it. You're getting confident.

I feel like we've engrained "Dadda" in your brain so much that you kinda call eveything Dadda. Oops. Sooo we're trying to get you on some other words. You get SO excited when you see your rubber duckies (we have several around the house and of course in the tub because you love them so) and it sounds like you might be trying to say Duckie. Maybe?

You're killing it in your walker, zooming all around and you love to hang in your Johnny Jumper on the patio with Dadda. You love walks in your stroller but Mama partially ran over it, so it's a lot of carrying and the Ergo at the moment.

I'm really so proud of how well you do at the playcenter at our gym. You're warm with the caretakers and social with other babies, and yet still pretty independent. I love to watch you play and be happy. But it's even better when you hear the sound of my voice at pick-up time and you SCREAM with excitement. Every single time. Cracks everyone in the room up.

You're my jam. You're my joy. You're my love.

I can almost look past you pooping in the tub the other night.