Mommyhood, So Far...

There are rattles and pacifiers hidden throughout my bed. 
There are Bumbos, Boppys and bouncies strewn about. 
There are more pots of coffee being brewed. 
There are more middle-of-the-night wake-up calls.
There is more tired in my eyes. 
There are less showers, baths, manicures, pedicures and eyebrow waxings.
There is more laundry. 
There is purpose and concern behind the budget.
There is more exhaling. 
There are more naps. 
There are more sounds. 
There is more music. 
There is more caution while driving. 
There is more caution while walking. 
There is less dinner being cooked. 
There are more delivery services being used. 
There is less beer and wine being consumed. 
There is less cleaning.
There are no date nights (yet). 
There is a scramble to get bills paid on time.
There are more infomercials being watched. 
There are hours and hours of feeding. 
There is less time for Jimmy, his appointments and The Injury. 
There are more tears of exhaustion 

There are more smiles. 
There are more warm-fuzzies. 
There is high-pitched baby-talk, ewww'ing and awwww'ing. 
There are funny poopy diaper reactions. 
There are more lazy days cuddling on the couch.
There is more staring. 
There are plenty of proud parent moments. Even at 2.5 months old.
There is more family contact, interest and love. 
There is more studying of the features. 
There is more fake-fighting about future college choices. (Him: Not Duke. Me: Would Duke really be the worst choice? Him: Yes.) 
There are more family outings starting to happen. 
There are outgrown clothes already being  packed-up. 
There are more talks about the future. 
There is more attention being paid to other Mom's: strollers, clothes and kids. 
There is more adjustment. 
There is fun in the choosing of outfits. 
There is a the constant questioning: poot or poop? 
There is feeling of accomplishment after a rough start: two and a half months of breastfeeding and counting. 
There is such joy in watching Daddy/Daughter moments. 
There is soul therapy to be had with the feel of her cheek. 
There is relief in being able to comfort. 
There is still the exhilarating spark that comes with saying "my daughter."
There is happiness. 


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