Spencer: Three Months

Dear Spencer,

Three months old! 

You're growing right before my very eyes all the time and I don't really notice it until the morning when I wake and have a few sips of coffee. It seems like you are starting to really recognize, prefer and love me -- which is so sweet for me to experience. 

You're also getting more comfortable with your morning time with your Dadda. The vent and suctioning make you curious, but don't scare you. 

You've spent the last week being completely loved and spoiled by your grandparents, Gigi and Peepops. It's amazing to watch. You are their joy.

You're already starting to grow out of your size 3s. Not okay. Slow your roll, gal. 

Confession: sometimes I watch you cry for a few seconds before I tend to your needs because your cry face is stinking adorable. Sorry 'bout that. 

Thanks for being our little ray of light. 



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