Thursday, March 19, 2015

Broadcasters Foundation of America

It wasn't long after Jimmy's accident when our then News Director told us about The Broadcasters Foundation of America. This is an amazingly specific group that helps injured members of the media. This was something I knew I needed to look into because at that early stage of post-injury, I just wasn't sure how everything would shake out.

I filled out the application and then, a few weeks later, got a call they wanted to help us. This was such an immense relief because I had already decided that work wasn't something I just couldn't do yet. Not to mention all of the unforeseen cost that were coming with this injury - that wouldn't be covered. This phone call and gesture from this foundation helped me to worry a little less when that's all I did - all day, everyday, even in my sleep.

About every year or so, I fill out our grant renewal application and explain where we our in newish life and mainly, with Jimmy's injury. It's a challenge to find new ways of saying he still doesn't have any feeling or movement and still uses the ventilator. He's still in a wheelchair and he's still paralyzed. But, this year, I got to include the addition of our daughter, Spencer. It was shortly after we got an email from the foundation with a request for us to tell our story.

I had a wonderful talk with someone named David who was going to be editing the piece, I think. He seemed so moved by our circumstances. So genuine. He arranged for one of our former co-workers from WSPA to come shoot the piece which turned out to be a nice reunion. Jason was the photographer who worked on the first story we did with our news station after the accident. They actually used some of that original story in this piece. 

Then I get an email from Deborah Norville. Inside Edition Deborah Norville! No big. We're now email BFFs, btw.

Deborah is on the board of this foundation, as well as George Stephanopoulos. Deborah would be putting our piece together, and then use that to make their case for garnering funds for the foundation. She was very kind and excited to help tell our story.

They did a really good job with this. I cried at us. Seeing it all spelled out like that again... whew.  We're at the beginning and end. The story in the middle tugs 'atcha, too.

Oh, and we had nothing to do with this but Go Pats!

If by chance you'd like to donate to the Broadcasters Foundation of America, click HERE.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

4 Month Photos

I didn't plan on getting 4 month photos done for Spencer, but I found out a family friend had moved to town, and she is a phenomenal picture-taker. And, it's really hard to get just a few pictures taken at a reasonable price in this crazy city. I knew she wouldn't charge me hundreds upon hundreds.

For a little make-shift studio in my bedroom using the last natural light of this particular day -- I'd say these came out pretty good!

So, in case you haven't seen enough pictures of my daughter...

Spencer Rosalyn Moore
4 Months Old

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

At Least She Smiles

Tuesday was fun and hard and we did it.

We had, what I think was our first big family outing since Spencer's birth. We went to Georgia Tech to see Jimmy's Tarheels play. 

We left super happy. 

It felt not crazy overwhelming getting us ready and getting us there. I parallel parked the van and made Jimmy acknowledge how well I did. 

Finding our seats wasn't difficult. Strollers weren't allowed so I carried Spencer in the Ergo. 

As soon as we entered the arena, Jimmy and his nurse scouted out a place to get him suctioned. Jimmy is ill at the moment and needing to be suctioned a whole lot. 

I went to pay way too much for a Diet Coke, popcorn and a hot dog for Jimmy. 

Tip off happened. And we were off. Enjoying our outing. 

Then scoring happened. And happened again. And the roaring applause and buzzers happened. 

And then this happened:

The loud noises associated with the game scared the bejesus out of the little. I held her close but could still feel her cry erupt over and over. She finally fell asleep as I covered her ears with my hands. 

Jimmy was back and forth so much to get suctioned, I feel as if he couldn't truly enjoy the game. We were there for him. That part made me sad. But, still, when he wasn't off getting suctioned, I could see the happiness in his eyes. It was worth it. 

He said, "no more live events."  I said, "yes, there will be more live events." He was in no shape to be making blanket statements like that. Poor fella. 

The game was good and even with Jimmy and Spencer's challenges, it felt good that we did it. 

Then we got in the car. Spencer immediately started crying. Not just crying. Screeching. Then Jimmy was coughing. Yep. Needing to be suctioned again. His vent alarm went off. But he wanted to just get home to do it. 

So, baby crying. 
Jimmy's coughing/choking. 
Vent alarm going off. 
Windows fogging up due to weather. 
I took a wrong turn getting home. 
I was getting sweaty. 

There was nothing I could do to comfort Spencer from where I was sitting in the front seat. 

I guess the good news was that when I did finally get her out of the van, she calmed down.

And when we got inside, she even was willing to smile.  

At least she smiles... 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Spencer: Four Months

My Spencey,

So fun to watch your little quirky changes happening. You are such a funny, sweet baby. 

You made your first overnight trip to Greenville this past weekend with Momma. You did beautifully. You slept in the car and when you were awake, you were watching the trees pass in a furious pace out your window with such intent. 

You loved being around other babies and all of the roaming toddlers who came to give you sugar and smiles. Dadda sure did miss you though. 

We're working on crib training. Let's sum this process up with two words: baby steps. I'm positive we'll get there when you're ready. 

You're starting to take more interest in your toys. And by interest I mean you want to coat them in your drool and then eat them. 

We've starting reading books at night, as we're trying to implement a bedtime routine, now. You're very first book we read togther? "Guess How Much I Love You." It's where you first learned of one-upping. 

Here's something new: you've mastered the fake cough. You know, where you lay it on preeeeetty thick to see if I come running when you're needing attention. The sneakiness starts already, huh? I'm onto you. 

You're meeting new people all the time. Important people in your parent's lives. It's so so amazing to see our great friends holding you. Soup for the soul. 

Other firsts this past month: 

*First twerk (Someone twerked while holding you. But not on someone else, in the air. I'm not a monster!) 
*First TV interview (You slept. Not impressed.) 
*First birthday party (You loved being social.) 
*First time sleeping in crib (30 minutes counts!) 

And perhaps my favorite new thing you're doing? Holding my face with both of your hands when I come in for face snuggles or a kiss. I melt into a puddle. 

I love you so much. You're everything.