Spencer: Five Months

Hi Spence!

You're five months old now! No one can believe how fast you're growing - especially me! This is a really fun age. You're becoming more and more alert and aware all the time. And nosey. Gotta know what it is and why it's doing that.

You're frightened of loud, sudden noises and we've learned that you do not like car rides at night. Like, scream. The whole time. Red in the face. But the minute we get out of the car, you'll smile. You really don't require a recovery period, which is good.  

We spent your 5 month birthday at the aquarium with friends and their kiddos. You were kinda into the fishies and you seemed to love the bright-colored tanks with the beautiful lights shining through the water. We took your first walk through Centennial Park in the Ergo. It was sunny, but very windy.

Dadda has a lot going on with him right now, but you never fail to help him crack a smile. You're a charmer like that.

You started grabbing your toes this morning! And I think I saw you checking out your hands. You're pretty close to sitting up but we're just taking it one day at a time.

We love you and those sweet dark blue eyes you're currently working. 



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