Spencer: Four Months

My Spencey,

So fun to watch your little quirky changes happening. You are such a funny, sweet baby. 

You made your first overnight trip to Greenville this past weekend with Momma. You did beautifully. You slept in the car and when you were awake, you were watching the trees pass in a furious pace out your window with such intent. 

You loved being around other babies and all of the roaming toddlers who came to give you sugar and smiles. Dadda sure did miss you though. 

We're working on crib training. Let's sum this process up with two words: baby steps. I'm positive we'll get there when you're ready. 

You're starting to take more interest in your toys. And by interest I mean you want to coat them in your drool and then eat them. 

We've starting reading books at night, as we're trying to implement a bedtime routine, now. You're very first book we read togther? "Guess How Much I Love You." It's where you first learned of one-upping. 

Here's something new: you've mastered the fake cough. You know, where you lay it on preeeeetty thick to see if I come running when you're needing attention. The sneakiness starts already, huh? I'm onto you. 

You're meeting new people all the time. Important people in your parent's lives. It's so so amazing to see our great friends holding you. Soup for the soul. 

Other firsts this past month: 

*First twerk (Someone twerked while holding you. But not on someone else, in the air. I'm not a monster!) 
*First TV interview (You slept. Not impressed.) 
*First birthday party (You loved being social.) 
*First time sleeping in crib (30 minutes counts!) 

And perhaps my favorite new thing you're doing? Holding my face with both of your hands when I come in for face snuggles or a kiss. I melt into a puddle. 

I love you so much. You're everything. 



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