Sunday, April 19, 2015

Closet Nursery Update

Now that we're almost six months in, I have to say: the closet nursery can be done. 

I have a full size crib, a changing table with drawers, a book shelf and a place for clothes. Aside from room for my glider, I have everything I need in there. 

Spencer really only sleeps in there, but, she's starting to hang out in her crib more while I have to get stuff done. She used to abhor that thing. So, 30 minutes of playtime in the crib before screaming her head off = progress. 

Some people that come see it say, "it's smaller than I thought."

In which I ask, "what kind of Tori Spelling walk-in closet have you been hanging out in?" 

Meanwhile, my shower is RIGHT next to her door. I thought this was gonna be a problem but her Sleep Easy machine is a godsend and I thank the friend who recommended it. 

Our little arrangement is working nicely. I think she rather likes her little nursery nook. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Recent Spencer Firsts

A few of SRM's recent firsts...

First time riding in the Big Girl part of the cart. 
Since she can't sit up yet so we were heavily relying on that strap. 
She frickin' loved it and thought she was hot stuff sitting up there!

First taste of adult human food. 
Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. 
Flavor: (1st scoop) Goat Cheese and Cherries and (2nd scoop) Ombre Brulee. 
She spit most of it out but the taste sure did make her happy. 

First time at the aquarium. 
This is her first look actually at a beautiful, bright tank.
Such wonderment!
And then shortly after this... she went to sleep. 
Enough is enough.

Her first Easter! 
This also included her first time at church. She did beautifully! 
That weekend, she also met her Great Uncle, Aunt and cousins from Myrtle Beach. 
Instant best buddies with those gals.
She loved cuddling with her Gigi on Easter morning.

Spencer's first sickness. 
Sad face. 
Baby girl caught a cold (which she has now successfully passed onto Momma).
Although under the weather, she still smiled a whole bunch. 
That was no fun, though. Grandparents, luckily, were here to help us. 

Their Joy

Spencer and her grandparents: it's such a beautiful thing to watch. She has sweet baby magic that sends their hearts floating. And, she smiles for them whenever they want it. So much love floating back and forth this past week. We're gonna miss them so much!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy 45th, JWM!

I feel like 45 is a big one. Halfway between 40 and 50. I probably should have planned something for Jimmy's birthday this year, but we've been overwhelmed with his current injury ailments and baby stuff and Easter and just... life. I'm kind of exhausted. 

Luckily, Jimmy had a sliver of an energy spurt yesterday. Great timing, because his BFF from Boston came to visit with her husband. 

We went to Emory Village for some pizza and beer. Although Jimmy is having a hard time eating right now due to some swallowing issues, he got a few bites of pork belly pizza down, about a half a beer and ate a whole ice cream after! 

This was huge for him! 

He got by with a small nap (usually requires hours of naps) and pushed himself to stay out all day. The weather couldn't have been better in Downtown Decatur. 

It was a lovely day. Think he is filled-up after friends, and then family and then more friend visitors.  

Jimmy got some good gifts in the form of calls, texts, messages, cards, bacon, Amazon gift-card, a Boston Marathon half-zip, and from his daughter? The PPV boxing match that he really wants to see in May.  

She really is trying to get in good with Dadda. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spencer: Five Months

Hi Spence!

You're five months old now! No one can believe how fast you're growing - especially me! This is a really fun age. You're becoming more and more alert and aware all the time. And nosey. Gotta know what it is and why it's doing that.

You're frightened of loud, sudden noises and we've learned that you do not like car rides at night. Like, scream. The whole time. Red in the face. But the minute we get out of the car, you'll smile. You really don't require a recovery period, which is good.  

We spent your 5 month birthday at the aquarium with friends and their kiddos. You were kinda into the fishies and you seemed to love the bright-colored tanks with the beautiful lights shining through the water. We took your first walk through Centennial Park in the Ergo. It was sunny, but very windy.

Dadda has a lot going on with him right now, but you never fail to help him crack a smile. You're a charmer like that.

You started grabbing your toes this morning! And I think I saw you checking out your hands. You're pretty close to sitting up but we're just taking it one day at a time.

We love you and those sweet dark blue eyes you're currently working.