Closet Nursery Update

Now that we're almost six months in, I have to say: the closet nursery can be done. 

I have a full size crib, a changing table with drawers, a book shelf and a place for clothes. Aside from room for my glider, I have everything I need in there. 

Spencer really only sleeps in there, but, she's starting to hang out in her crib more while I have to get stuff done. She used to abhor that thing. So, 30 minutes of playtime in the crib before screaming her head off = progress. 

Some people that come see it say, "it's smaller than I thought."

In which I ask, "what kind of Tori Spelling walk-in closet have you been hanging out in?" 

Meanwhile, my shower is RIGHT next to her door. I thought this was gonna be a problem but her Sleep Easy machine is a godsend and I thank the friend who recommended it. 

Our little arrangement is working nicely. I think she rather likes her little nursery nook. 


  1. I love it, Jaim. Great use of space!


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