Happy 45th, JWM!

I feel like 45 is a big one. Halfway between 40 and 50. I probably should have planned something for Jimmy's birthday this year, but we've been overwhelmed with his current injury ailments and baby stuff and Easter and just... life. I'm kind of exhausted. 

Luckily, Jimmy had a sliver of an energy spurt yesterday. Great timing, because his BFF from Boston came to visit with her husband. 

We went to Emory Village for some pizza and beer. Although Jimmy is having a hard time eating right now due to some swallowing issues, he got a few bites of pork belly pizza down, about a half a beer and ate a whole ice cream after! 

This was huge for him! 

He got by with a small nap (usually requires hours of naps) and pushed himself to stay out all day. The weather couldn't have been better in Downtown Decatur. 

It was a lovely day. Think he is filled-up after friends, and then family and then more friend visitors.  

Jimmy got some good gifts in the form of calls, texts, messages, cards, bacon, Amazon gift-card, a Boston Marathon half-zip, and from his daughter? The PPV boxing match that he really wants to see in May.  

She really is trying to get in good with Dadda. 


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