Recent Spencer Firsts

A few of SRM's recent firsts...

First time riding in the Big Girl part of the cart. 
Since she can't sit up yet so we were heavily relying on that strap. 
She frickin' loved it and thought she was hot stuff sitting up there!

First taste of adult human food. 
Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. 
Flavor: (1st scoop) Goat Cheese and Cherries and (2nd scoop) Ombre Brulee. 
She spit most of it out but the taste sure did make her happy. 

First time at the aquarium. 
This is her first look actually at a beautiful, bright tank.
Such wonderment!
And then shortly after this... she went to sleep. 
Enough is enough.

Her first Easter! 
This also included her first time at church. She did beautifully! 
That weekend, she also met her Great Uncle, Aunt and cousins from Myrtle Beach. 
Instant best buddies with those gals.
She loved cuddling with her Gigi on Easter morning.

Spencer's first sickness. 
Sad face. 
Baby girl caught a cold (which she has now successfully passed onto Momma).
Although under the weather, she still smiled a whole bunch. 
That was no fun, though. Grandparents, luckily, were here to help us. 


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