Wednesday, May 27, 2015

This Girl

She really should try and enjoy life more...

Friday, May 22, 2015

27 Days

We're coming up on a month that Jimmy's been in the hospital. He hasn't been home in 27 days.

I ran into a neighbor in Kroger tonight. She's one of my favorite people in our condo building. Her name is Betty. Betty happened to see me as I was packing up my car, heading to the ER with the baby to go meet Jimmy on April 26th. I actually hadn't seen her since.

I told Betty then how much this was needed. For Jimmy to get some urgent medical care. He looked so bad. He wasn't himself. There was just so much unknown about what was happening. She wanted to comfort me but I was in go mode, and I assured her that Jimmy and I both felt better after we made the call to 911. A sense of relief took us over. We knew it was the right decision.

I had never called 911 before. We live very close to several hospitals, fire and police stations. We hear sirens all the time. Very odd to hear them and to know this time, they're coming for you. Jimmy said they rode non-urgent, without sirens and lights. He wasn't in distress, and because of that, we were able to chose the hospital we wanted. I remember getting in the ER and having some conversations with the ER doc and a lung doctor. Jimmy had blacked out once while I was there, having a brief moment of unresponsiveness. That was something that was happening a lot. I assured Betty the call we made we most likely life-saving. We truly didn't realize the depth of his sickness until they started unraveling over the course of two weeks in ICU.

Running into Betty today made me realize just how far he's come since the last time I've seen her. I explained to her what Jimmy's been through with surgery, not being able to eat and drink, not able to see the baby for two weeks, septic, etc. Jimmy has gone from five antibiotics to one. He ate almost a whole meal today. He hasn't wanted to eat in months. He's gaining back some of that weight. His skin wounds are healing, albeit slowly. They're looking good, finally. He gets to see the baby! He's able to smile. He's able to stay awake most of the day. He's even done a few hours off the vent.

27 days without my husband home. It's been hard leaving him everyday. Sometimes I can stay longer than others, depending on childcare situation, visitors, just how tired I am, and how much the baby can tolerate if she's with me. Since he's been at Shepherd, the baby has come with me. She's been so good for the most part. She flashes her Dadda a big smile everyday when we go. Makes it all worthwhile. She also brightens the day of his health care workers. She's not too picky to who she'll flash a smile too, and people just love that.

So, it's looking like Jimmy might come home on Tuesday. 

The most exciting part is that he's eating real food again! I can go get him (or order) whatever he wants. A simple pleasure re-established. 

I'm not going lie and say having my home without nurses hasn't been wonderful. It's been a nice break, even though they normally help a lot. That's always been a major adjustment for me following the injury.

So, it's been just me and the Spence. We're ready for Dadda to come home.

Monday, May 11, 2015

My First Mother's Day

I guess it could have been a pretty uneventful, ordinary day. My parents moved around a lot of stuff to make it so they were here to help me celebrate my first Mother's Day. With Jimmy in the hospital, they probably knew I'd be alone with Spencer. It ended being such a great time! 

We got to-go breakfast from my favorite place and went to an early supper before we all went to the hospital. Our dear friends Angie and Cameron were here in town and it was so good to have some laughter and familiarity in the house, although it was tough not having Jimmy here. 

It's been over two weeks since he's been in the the hospital. We miss him something terrible around here. Hopefully this week he'll be able to come back home. I'm grateful for these folks, though, who made this day pretty special for me and the babe. Hearts!
Three Generations on Mother's Day
Me and My Spencie.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Her Grandmothers

Just in time for Mother's Day, Spencer got to meet her Nana Sandra and has spent all week with her Gigi. So sweet to watch this little one with these leading ladies in her life. 

Mother's Day(ish) memories. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spencer: 6 Months

Dear Spence:

Your half-birthday was on April 29th, buuuuut we've been busy. 

As I type this, I'm waiting on them to come get Dadda to take him off to surgery. He's getting some stuff fixed. He's been in ICU for over a week and I'm pretty optimistic he'll come home in a heck of a lot better shape than he left, although the road to recovery will be lengthy. You're safe and happy at home with your Gigi and Peepops who drove in last night to watch you. 

You've been so good considering you've spent a lot of the last week being looked after in the ICU waiting area. You're not allowed back into this unit, so you haven't seen your Dadda since he's been in. I can't wait for the reuniting of my two favorite people. Big smiles all around, for sure. 

You did get to see him for several hours in the ER the day we called the ambulance. You were such a charmer to the rescue workers. Pretty sure you got just as much attention as your Dadda. 

So many friends have been helping out in watching you so I could be with your Dad. The help has been amazing. I've learned all you have to do is ask. Ask and you shall receive, dear one. People will rise to the occasion. 

It helps that you're the happiest and easiest baby on the planet. Thanks for that, by the way. 

You got your first sickness this month. You got a cold, a temp, and then an ear infection immediately following. I got your cold and mine turned into an upper respiratory infection. It was a rough couple of weeks. We were both on Amoxicillin for our ailments. And it turns out, you might be Amoxicilin allergic. Once you were getting it from your dose and mine via breastmilk-- you started developing giant hives. Oh, that wasn't scary at all.

I think you're back to being your healthy, happy self. 

With all the babysitting and running to the  hospital and not being able to use some Amoxicilin-tainted milk, we realized how unprepared we were in terms of having a milk stash. We tried formula as a supplement. You only liked it mixed with Mama's milk. By itself? Gags. However, we tried some apples this week and you seemed to love them! 

You're sitting up pretty good. You love to make eye contact and really look at who has you. You smile more than anyone I know. 

It's a crazy time right now and you're handling it like a pro. It's almost as if you understand why I have to leave you all the time. 

Dadda will be home soon!